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Virtual Receptionist

Transform your business with a virtual receptionist offering an array of services such as appointment scheduling, patient records management, and customer service support. Tailor your virtual medical receptionist to align seamlessly with the distinctive requirements of your office.

Virtual Practice Manager

A Virtual Administrative Assistant saves your time and money by allowing you to outsource administrative tasks such as managing emails, managing calendars, scheduling meetings, data entry, records management, customer service, bookkeeping and other administrative tasks.

Virtual Scribe

A Virtual medical scribe is a virtual assistant who works remotely to provide medical documentation support to healthcare providers. A virtual scribe works with a physician or healthcare provider to document notes, enter data into the electronic health record (EHR), and helps to manage other administrative tasks.

Billing Services

Maximize your revenue with our comprehensive billing services. From insurance billing and claim scrapping to follow-ups on denials, our team ensures efficient management of your billing process to improve financial workflow and patient invoicing.


Keep your financials accurate and organized with our professional accounting services. We specialize in invoicing and matching Explanation of Benefits (EOB) with patient accounts, ensuring your financial operations run smoothly.

Website Development

Establish a robust online presence with our custom website development services. Whether you need a website redesign or a brand new website, our team provides tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Digital Marketing

Enhance your practice’s visibility and patient engagement with our customized digital marketing services. We provide targeted strategies, from SEO to social media campaigns, designed to broaden your reach and strengthen your online impact.

Data Management

Ensure the accuracy, security, and accessibility of your practice’s data with our expert data management services. We handle everything from patient records to billing information, employing state-of-the-art systems to manage your data efficiently.

EHR Offering

Transform your practice management with our tailored Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. Designed for practices of all sizes, our EHR systems offer full customization to meet your specific needs, supported by 24/7 expert assistance.

We are Here to Help

We take care of your administrative tasks while you take care of your patients!

Highly Trained Team

We provide highly trained team who works directly with your practice to know your patients by name and build the connections that your patients need to feel welcomed!


Virtual Medical Assistant


Harness the power of our skilled virtual medical assistants to enhance your practice’s efficiency. From appointment scheduling to patient record management, our dedicated professionals are here to provide comprehensive support at an unbeatable rate of just $9 per hour.

Ins. Credentialing


(Except Medicare)

Streamline your insurance credentialing process with our expert team. Whether you’re getting started or expanding your network, we offer hassle-free credentialing at just $120 per payor. Stay compliant and maximize your revenue effortlessly.



Elevate your documentation process with our meticulous scribe services. Our experienced scribes ensure accurate and timely documentation, allowing you to focus on patient care. Avail this service at an affordable rate of $10 per hour.

Full Service - Virtual Practice Manager

$350 per week

Take your practice to new height with our Virtual Practice Manager needs to run smoothly-from coordinating insurance communication and provider reports to billing follow-ups and much more.

Our mission

Our mission is to streamline the process for your business so you can focus on your client/patient while we take the hassle away.